Cooperation program

The objective of the INTEMAR project is to develop knowledge and skills for the sustainable control of pests in horticultural crops. The project aims to provide Tunisian and Italian farmers with tools and strategies for effective and sustainable pest control in zucchini, peppers, and other horticultural crops. The approach adopted in the INTEMAR project will reduce the use of chemicals, their adverse impact on human health and the environment, and production costs. Moreover, new diseases (i.e., New Dehli virus and Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum) transmitted by invasive insects in the Mediterranean basin will be investigated. The project will provide new knowledge, as the subject of scientific articles, in the fields of entomology, plant pathology, ecology, and agricultural economics. Scientific products will be turned into new strategies for the protection of horticultural crops.





Intemar Project

The project aims to develop and validate some innovations in the integrated control of the main harmful insect pests and diseases recently introduced in horticultural crops in Italy and Tunisia.